Best Web Browsers for your Android device [Review]

Choosing the best browsers for Android has many parameters. Everyone expects something different from web browser. I like my browser should play flash videos smoothly. You may like Android browser should be data savvy to save more on your data plan. Or it should be lightning fast. Or it should have many add ons like desktop Mozilla and chrome version to do things faster. These are the many parameters which all of us expect from web browser.
Android market have these 5 best browser to full fill our needs. Each of these browser have different features. You can choose any one or two browsers from this list to enjoy web browsing the way you want.

1. Chrome for Android beta

Chrome for android is still in beta version and it can work on only Android 4.0 ICS only. I considered adding this browser to the list considering its features. Chrome browser will become default native android browser in future. So its important to know its features. Since Chrome for android uses latest Webkit browser. It will surely support the latest HTML5 features.

Features of Chrome for Android beta:

  • Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
  • Search and navigate directly from the omnibox
  • Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack
  • Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer
  • Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smart phone or tablet with one click
  • Incognito mode

[Download it from here]

2. Dolphin browser

What I liked most about Dolphin browser is its set of add ons. I always a fan of Mozilla add ons. So its wonderful to see this add-on feature in Dolphin browser. Besides add ons the tab feature of the Dolphin browser is really good. It has gestures, voice search, ad blocker, speed dials and side bar features which make browsing wonderful experience.

Features of Dolphin browser:

  • Voice search.
  • Create personal gestures to access your most used sites.
  •  Use add-ons to do the action you like most very fast.
  • Use Speed dial to keep your favourite sites at one click.
  • Use tabbed browsing to switch pages as you are browsing on desktop.

[Download it from here]

3. Opera browser

If you really want to save on your data plan then go for Opera for Android. This browser will surely save some dollars on your data plan. As it compress your data maximum up to 90%, it makes it very speedy. That makes it load sites very fast even on slower networks.

Features of Opera browser:

  • Pinch-to-zoom and smooth panning.
  • Synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial with your computer using Opera Link.
  • Built in Twitter and Facebook support.
  • Speedy and data savvy.

[Download it from here]

4. Skyfire browser

I liked Skyfired browser since it was available to download and install on my old Symbian device N79. I really jumped seeing flash videos playing smoothly on that device. Later skyfire discountinued its support for Symbian. Now its available for Android too. Skyfire process and convert any flash videos at their server to the format compatible for Android. So you dont need flash installed any more to watch any flash movies. It not only plays flash movies but also play other embedded video format very smoothly.

Features of Skyfire browser:

  •  Flash Video support
  •  User Agent Switching
  •  Facebook QuickView
  •  Fireplace Feed Reader
  •  Skyfire OneTouch Search
  •  Twitter Integration

[Download it from here]

5. Firefox browser

Main benefit of using Firefox browser is you can sync all of your bookmarks, password and history with your desktop Firefox browser automatically. It’s overall browser, but sometimes I observed that it freezes a bit while scrolling.

Features of Firefox browser:

  • Access browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from any device.
  • Customize your browser quickly and easily with add-ons.
Web pages loads very speedily.
  • Tabbed browsing for ease of use.

[Download it from here]

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