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How to install sun jdk on Ubuntu and Linux

I was building an android source code on Ubuntu and got the following error during build process. Java: CtsVerifier (out/target/common/obj/APPS/CtsVerifier_intermediates/classes) cts/apps/CtsVerifier/src/com/android/cts/verifier/ 191: onCreateDialog(int,android.os.Bundle) ...
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Best C C++ debugging tools for Linux

If you have recently switched from windows debugging environment to Linux debugging environment, I am sure you are finding it very difficult to debugging in linux with gdb. I was in ...

How to build chromium on linux Ubuntu in 7 easy steps

Follow below 7 simple steps to build chromium on Linux(Ubuntu). Install prerequisite libraries for chromium     $ sudo apt-get install bison fakeroot flex g++ g++-multilib ...

How to indent C C++ Java code on Linux

Many folks like me do coding on Linux. I find it very difficult to indent the code on gedit or vim editor. If you had same trouble like me then Astyle is very good option for you. It’s ...
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