How to install and run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS inside Virtualbox

Next desktop version of Ubuntu is 12.04(Precise Pangolin). It’s now in beta version and available to download at . If you are interested in finding out the taste of this new version. It’s good idea to try it out in virtualbox. Here are detail step by step instructions to install and run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in virtualbox.

1. Download and install Virtualbox.

Download it from here and install it. It’s simple two steps installation.

2. Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS iso

Download it from

3. Create new Virtual Machine

Enter the name of the virtual machine and OS Type.

Select Operating system as Linux and version Ubuntu.

4. Configure memory

Set base memory size as 512 MB.

5. Create new Virtual Hard Disk

Check Start-up Disk option and select Create new hard disk option.

6. Select VDI (Virtual box disk image) and click next

7. Select Fixed size virtual disk file

If you select this option you will need at least 8GB free space on any drive.

8. Browse and select Virtual disk file location,

8GB is the default OS size, we don’t need to change this value.

9. Virtual disk summary

check the virtual disk summary and click on create.

It will take some time to create vdi.

creating vdi progress

10. Confirm the vdi spec

Once the vdi is got created it will show this summary screen to confirm the spec
Click on create to create the virtual machine.

11. Enable PAE/NX

Once the virtual machine get created click on setting tab. Select System -> Processor.

Check Enable PAE/NX option, I was getting some kernel error when i tried to run vm without checking this option.

12 Move Ubuntu 12.04 vdi to IDE controller.

Go to Settings->Storage. Yo will notice vdi that you have just created is in SATA controller. Delete the SATA controller and add it(Ubuntu 12.04 vdi) to IDE contrller.

Once the vdi got moved to the IDE controller click on Empty disk icon highlighted below. Choose a Virtual CD/DVD option.

Browse and select precise-desktop-i386.iso which you have downloaded in step 2. This is the last step for virtual box :)

13. Ubuntu 12.04 installation inside virtualbox

Following are installation steps they are quite simple and easy to understand. I have not added each and every step to installation as they are very simple to understand and choose.

Here are some important installation steps.

14. Boot screen

15. Select install Ubuntu option

16. Select installation type

Select installation type as “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” and continue.

17. Erase disk and install Ubuntu.

It will show confirmation screen before installing Ubuntu. Select install now.

18. Keyboard, language and timezone settings

Next it will ask you simple setting like keyboard, language and timezone settings. Select appropriately.

19. Remove the precise-desktop-i386.iso from IDE controller

Once installation completes remove the precise-desktop-i386.iso from IDE controller which we have added earlier.

Ubuntu screenshot:

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5 Responses to “How to install and run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS inside Virtualbox”

  1. pranav says:

    thanks for such a step by step tutorial.

  2. Sean says:

    Thanks man, worked perfectly, very simple to understand as well.

  3. Sergio says:


    your post is nice… but , i have a question, how i can configure the internet after installation?


    • Sameer says:

      Thanks Sergio, Keep the default setting for network if it does not work try switching the network configuration to bridged network in virtual box setting.

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