How to run Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich inside Virtual box

If you want to get a feel of latest Android 4.0 ICS without downloading a its sdk and creating avd. Long process, isn’t it?  Now you can run Android 4.0 ICS inside virtual box on Windows. I am writing this step by step instructional tutorial with detailed screenshot.

1. Download and install VirtualBox for windows.

Download it from here and install it. It’s simple two steps installation.

2. Download Pre-installed Android 4.0 ICS image

Download it from here.

3. Launch VirtualBox and Click New and click next on the next dialog box opened

androd 4.0 ics virtualbox

4. Give Name to your new Virtual machine.

Select Operating system as Linux and version as Linux 2.6

Android 4.0 ics virtualbox

5. Select amount of memory to allocated

I have selected 1024MB memory to allocate for this virtual machine as I am having total 3071MB memory. You can set it to 512 MB or less if you have memory constraints.

select memory to allocate

6. Check starut-up disk option and select Use existing hard disk option.

Browse and select ICSimage.vdi, click next.

select virtual hard disk

7. Check and verify the Summary shown.


8. Click on Storage tab in setting. You can see ICSimage.vdi is located in SATA controller. We need to move it to the IDE Controller.

Delete SATA Controller.

Delete SATA controller

9. Add ICSimage.vdi to IDE controller

Click on Add icon and select Choose existing disk, browse and select ICSimage.vdi

Add ICSimage.vdi to IDE controller

Add ICSimage.vdi to IDE controller

10. Click on System tab in setting.

Choose Processor tab and check Enable PAE/NX option.

Enable PAE/NX

11. Now Start the virtual machine.

You don’t have to select or click any option once its get started it will automatically select and boot to second option shown during booting.

12. Here are some of the screenshot of Android ICS running in virtualbox


android ics calculator

13.Android native  Web browser works perfectly!

mobitechie running on Android ics

14. Build information

Here is the summary of the build, kernel version and Android version.

Build information

I hope you liked this tutorial. Please check original thread for more details, which I have referred and built these steps.

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